Lodging: Unique Hotels Around the World

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Unusual Hotels of the World is a guide to one-of-a-kind lodging experiences, hotels so unique -- underground, made of ice, up a tree, underwater -- that they themselves become the reason to travel to a particular destination. Some of the 233 properties profiled on the site are well-known, but many will be new to the majority of travelers.
Unusual Hotels of the World offers 'experiential' hotels. Safariland Treehouse Resort as seen on Unusual Hotels of the World Staying there is worth the trip, which will often be long and arduous, and delivers the guest a memorable and hopefully enjoyable experience. Some are luxurious, some are not, and throughout the guide you will find a range of choices to suit the budgets of every traveler.
Visitors can search for lodging by experience ("arty," "bling," "family," "romance," "thrill," "wild"), type of facility (castles, oases, igloos, boats, cabooses, lighthouses, wigwams, prisons, caves, and so on) and location on the planet. The website regularly updates its entries based on visits by the editors and feedback from hotel guests. People who sign up as members of the site receive a newsletter that includes promotional deals and offers from the associated properties.

Site: Unusual Hotels of the World

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