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Traveler's Roulette

"Norway to Newfoundland! This route, I quickly realized, was a subject to itself. For it was the route the Vikings took when they set their clinker-boats in the sea, I resolved to use the wanderings of these cranky, restless people as a rough travel itinerary, trekking the same gaunt cliffs they trekked, camping on the same wind-skudded sherries they camped on, breathing the same salubrious air: But I would play the occasional game of traveler's roulette, too. Since couldn't very well ship aboard the same boats as Eric the Red and his companions, I would ship aboard any boat I could find, even if it sailed somewhat off course. Also, between a fast boat and a slow boat, I would choose the slow boat. Between the slow boat and walking, I would choose the latter, as walking makes the world the vast and savory place it used to be in times long past." -- Lawrence Millman in Last Places: A Journey in the North

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