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Good Eatin': La Cachette Bistro, Santa Monica

When I first came to Los Angeles, there were maybe six gourmet restaurants in the entire town. Now there are more than that just on Ocean Avenue, and they're about to joined by another. Jean-Francois Meteigner of La Cachette in Century City will start serving patrons at La Cachette Bistro on Saturday in preparation for a full-blown opening in a couple weeks. La Cachette Bistro, 1733 Ocean Ave (between Pico Blvd and the Santa Monica Pier), Santa Monica; 310-434-9509.

Easing the burdens of summer

The pages of The New Yorker should change color when they're read. Sky blue would be nice. That way, when it's time to head for the summer house, it won't be necessary to schlep the whole pile, just those with pages that are still mostly white.