Myanmar: Voices of the Voiceless

MTV's Rebel Music series, produced by activist artist Shepard Fairey, "is an intimate look at the lives of young people in the heart of today's greatest protest movements, who," in places like Venezuela, Senegal, Turkey, Iran, Egypt and Native American communities in North America, "are using the power of music and art to demand positive change." If you haven't yet caught the series, now in its second season on MTV, here's a sample:

"The fearless Myanmar musicians went deep underground to build a thriving punk and hip-hop scene, despite the limits of freedom they faced. Now that the country is beginning to open its borders, see how punk lifer Skum, guitarist/promoter Eaiddhi and Y.A.K., one of Myanmar’s only female hip-hop groups, make music in such uncertain times."

See, also, Shepard Faireys' Obey Giant: Manufacturing Quality Dissent since 1989.

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