Connectivity: Hotel WiFi Is a Right, Not a Luxury

"What gives with hotel WiFi?

"This is a ten-year-old technology that has improved in speed and quality nearly everywhere — in homes, in offices, in public spaces, in coffee shops, in airports — even on planes. You can even get free WiFi at Krystal, a fast food chain that’s on par with White Castle and sells hamburgers for less than $1 each. Over the past two years I’ve stayed at more than two-dozen hotels around the United States and the emerging world. I’ve noticed a trend that seems to fly in the face of basic economics and technology adoption: The pricier and fancier hotel, generally the worse quality the WiFi, if it exists at all."

The rest of the story: Hotel WiFi Should Be a Right, Not a Luxury by Sarah Lacy (TechCrunch 2010-01-01)

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